We offer treatment in all areas of orthodontics with special emphasis on early and interceptive procedures. We treat people of all ages, with forty percent of our patients being adults. Straight teeth and properly aligned jaws reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, jaw-joint problems and extensive dental procedures during later years of life.

For younger patients, we use both conventional braces and functional appliances, including thumb habit and expansion devices. For adults, we place special emphasis on the jaw joint (TMJ) relationship and esthetics. Recent advances in orthodontics have made virtually every problem in adults and young people treatable.

The orthodontic appliances we use in our office allow us to use lighter wires to connect the braces, resulting in less pressure on the patients’ teeth during treatment. Also, because our braces are smaller and have rounded edges, they’re gentle on tender cheeks and gums. Most of our patients do not need bands like old -fashioned braces. Our brackets are bonded to teeth so they are more comfortable and easier to keep clean. In addition, our brackets can dramatically shorten treatment time versus other types of braces. Frequent adjustments are unnecessary, requiring fewer visits to achieve beautiful results.

For our adult patients, we also offer clear and invisible braces and Dr. Scott Peppler is an Invisalign preferred provider so you are sure to be in exceptional hands. Over half of our orthodontic patients are adults and most are surprised to learn that they too have orthodontic insurance benefits. These braces are an alternative way to create a beautiful smile. We also offer for our adults, limited or partial treatment as an option for minor problems. There has never been a better time to start orthodontic treatment.

The comfort of our patients is a primary concern for us. Modern orthodontic technology and treatment sequencing have been developed to maximize comfort and esthetics. Pleasant surroundings and a professional staff create a relaxed atmosphere for your orthodontic treatment.