Wisdom Teeth

As human beings evolved over the years and their diets became softer, their mouths became smaller, which means that there’s no room for wisdom teeth – which are the far-back molars.

Most people today need to have their wisdom teeth extracted, typically when they’re in their late teens or early twenties.

At Meadows Dental Group, we perform wisdom teeth extractions in our office, without needing to refer you to an oral surgeon.

We offer three types of sedation for the procedure:

  • IV sedation, which is also known as general anesthesia
  • Oral sedation, which is also known as “sleep dentistry” or “conscious sedation”
  • Laughing gas, which is also known as nitrous oxide

Depending on whether your wisdom teeth have erupted or are still impacted, we’ll make a recommendation for which type of sedation would be right for you!